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Innovative Fishing Gear Storage Ideas for Aussie Anglers

Innovative Fishing Gear Storage Ideas for Aussie Anglers

Innovative Fishing Gear Storage Ideas for Aussie Anglers | Mick's Gone Bush
Innovative Fishing Gear Storage Ideas for Aussie Anglers

Hey there, mate! If you're anything like me, you know a successful fishing trip starts long before you hit the water. It begins in the shed, garage, or wherever you stash your fishing gear. But let's be honest, keeping all that gear organised can be as tricky as landing a Murray cod on a windy day. That's why I've put together some top-notch fishing gear storage ideas to keep your tackle in tip-top shape and ready for your next adventure.

Why Proper Storage Matters

Before we discuss storage solutions, let's discuss why adequately storing fishing gear is a big deal. First, it saves you time. Imagine not having to rummage through a mountain of tackle to find your favourite lure. Plus, it protects your investment. Fishing gear is relatively inexpensive, and proper storage protects it from damage and rust. So, let's keep our gear in order, and it'll look after us on the water.

Top Fishing Gear Storage Ideas

  • Wall Racks: Use vertical space to your advantage. Wall-mounted racks are perfect for rods, nets, and even your trusty waders.
  • Clear Storage Bins: See-through bins are a game-changer for tackle. Label them for quick identification and stack them neatly.
  • Custom Shelving Units: Tailor your storage to fit your gear. Adjustable shelves can accommodate everything from small tackle boxes to bulky life jackets.
  • Mobile Gear Carts: For those who like to keep their gear on the move, a mobile cart can be a central hub for your fishing essentials.

DIY Solutions for the Crafty Angler

Are you feeling handy? There's nothing more satisfying than building your gear storage. How about converting an old bookshelf into a fishing gear station? Or crafting a rod holder from some PVC pipes? The possibilities are endless, and the personal touch makes your fishing prep area your own.

Keeping Your Gear in Prime Condition

Storage isn't just about organisation; it's also about maintenance. Here's a hot tip: Always rinse your gear, especially if you've been fishing in saltwater, and let it dry entirely before stashing it away. This simple step can significantly extend your gear's life, ensuring it's always ready for the following big catch.


Legends, that's a wrap on fishing gear storage ideas. Whether decking out your garage with the latest storage systems or putting together a DIY masterpiece, keeping your gear organised is vital to a stress-free fishing experience. And remember, Mick's Gone Bush has all the fishing gear and storage solutions you need to get your setup sorted. So why wait? Gear up, get organised, and let's make the next fishing trip the best one yet!

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