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Stay Connected in the Outback: A Comprehensive Guide to Caravan WiFi Solutions in Australia

Stay Connected in the Outback: A Comprehensive Guide to Caravan WiFi Solutions in Australia

Caravan WiFi: How to Stay Connected in the Aussie Outback

Caravanners generally fall into two categories: those who want a digital detox while travelling, and those who prefer to stay connected.

Even if you're keen to escape social media and the rest of the world, there are plenty of advantages to remaining connected when travelling in remote areas.

It might get you out of a bind, potentially save your life, and also let you enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows!

The big question is, how do you stay connected when going off-grid?

The solution is Caravan WiFi.

Caravan WiFi routers are specially designed for the Australian RV community. You set up the router (base unit) inside the caravan and an antenna on the roof. The base unit creates a hotspot that lets you use multiple devices simultaneously. It also works while you're driving or towing your van.

Here We Answer Your Questions About Caravan WiFi:

Q. How Much Does Caravan WiFi Cost?
A. You only pay for the initial Caravan WiFi router and then only for the time you're using the caravan. You can choose your own provider to access the internet, which offers the best price options to suit your budget.

Q. Is It Easy To Set Up?
A. Absolutely! Even for the tech-phobic, a Caravan WiFi system is simple to install and get started. The router is installed somewhere inside the van. Simply plug it into the 12V outlet. Then, attach an external antenna to the caravan roof or screw flexible antennas into the router. Next, insert the SIM card provided by your chosen provider, set up your devices, and connect them to the internet.
Our tip? The external antenna provides better reception. You can purchase the Caravan WiFi - Portable WiFi+4GX bundle with High Gain Antenna to save some $$!

Q. Which Devices Can I Connect?
A. With Caravan WiFi in the van, you can connect the same devices that you would to your home WiFi router, such as mobile phones and computers.

Another aspect to consider is your caravan TV. Most traditional 12V caravan TVs won't have a built-in WiFi receiver. However, we recommend looking for a modern caravan TV with "built-in WiFi" listed as one of its features. This way, you can connect to your favourite streaming service and stay up to date with the latest episodes! We highly recommend the Englaon TV range.

Q. How Good Is The WiFi Connection?
A. It depends on where you're travelling. Caravan WiFi is designed to help you get a better connection, allowing you to enjoy faster and stronger internet. You should have consistent WiFi service with a good operating zone around the caravan and even on the move. Of course, if you travel into areas without 3G, 4G, or 5G mobile reception, you won't be able to access the internet. But that requires going well off the beaten track.

Q. Does The Router Need Power?
A. Yes, you need to power your Caravan WiFi router with your caravan power system. The Caravan WiFi system only requires 12V power.

Q. Which Caravan WiFi Router Should I Buy?
A. There are several excellent options to choose from, depending on the features you want.

Our top pick is the new Caravan WiFi +5G Portable WiFi. This model features a 12V power connection, isn't locked into any provider, and supports unlimited users!

Another feature we love is the Inbuilt Media Bank/Server, which allows you to watch your own movies and view photos on your phones/tablets and computers. You can also use the internet up to 50 metres from your van. So, if you've parked the van and gone fishing nearby, you can share

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